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​WELCOME TO Soccer by coach fher 

Founded in 2002 by the renowned and well respected, Shadrach Gonzalez Fher, better known as Coach Fher.


Soccer by Coach Fher is a specialized development program that tunes in to the needs of our players and families of New York City, building and enhancing their strengths, confidence and sportsmanship, bringing out the best in our children. Coach Fher himself  has been coaching in New York's boroughs for over 14 years now!

Coach Fher's philosophy is that soccer training should be fun, that it should engage children physically, mentally, and the drills must be designed to develop skills for players of all abilities & levels to help them improve their game. 

For registration and payment please send checks and registration forms to Coach Fher @ 119 West  72nd St # 347 New York NY 10023.

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Manhattan's most prestigious after-school program!

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NOW REGISTERING FOR fall & winter classes

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Soccer by Coach Fher offer classes at Upper West/East side, Riverside park Outdoor and Indoor locations, MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY