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Soccer by Coach Fher is a specialized development program that tunes in to the needs of our players and families of New York City, building and enhancing their strengths, confidence and sportsmanship, bringing out the best in our children. Regardless of which staff member is leading a program, Coach Fher personally visits all classes when he is not teaching there, to oversee his staff and to received feedback from Students and Parents. Coach Fher and his staff coach soccer in the most prestigious schools, synagogues and churches around Manhattan. 

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Coach Fher is a native of Patagonia, Argentina. His relationship with the sport of soccer dates back to his early childhood. Coach Fher has played college and professional soccer in his native country of Argentina. Coach Fher is certified in Cardio Athletic Education and he is certified as a Coach by the Eastern New York Soccer Association Coaching Academy, Certified in Adult CPR AED & Child CPR AED with the American Safety & Health Institute. Coach Fher is always available to personally address your questions or comments. Feel free to contact Coach Fher anytime!

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